Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy CNY Japanese lunch @ Rakuzen, the Happy-Go-Lucky Trio~

Since me and bear (my sister) are on leave on this wonderful Monday, we had decided to go for something good!

We brought Dad, Mom, Aunt, Lok and Didi, of course with me and bear to the Japanese restaurant Rakuzen at SS15 Subang Jaya. We were been thinking of something nice and good if we could have it in buffet instead, but we were too rush for it and the nearest one were like RM60+ for one pax, it is definitely not worth for the money! Oh we wanted a nearest one because we are bringing our 3m+ didi, his frozen milk couldn't stand for more than 3 hours. There we had our wonderful lunch, with plenty of our signature happy-trio-selfie to match this happy and relaxing day.

At the evening, we visited our grandma whose already 90+ (probably she is over 100+), no one knows her actual age. We brought Lok and greeted her a very happy Chinese New Year with lok's signature dancing and his overly-loved cuddle to the greatgrandma. This sweet little boy definitely knows the way of cheering an elderly. Our sweet boy.

Alright, time to ends this and get a good night sleep for me and baobei!

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's our first and happiest Chinese New Year.

I mean, it definitely not the very first CNY we celebrated but it is the first CNY we have after we got married last year. And it is also the first CNY we giving out our blessing (in Angpow) to the young ones and our parents.

This Chinese New Year been very meaningful to me. We are going through it with much blessing - with a small little one in my stomach that popping out this late August. The feeling just so different, I feel like, oh hey I am a mother-to-be and I am a grownup now! There is a little one inside here!

“Hey baobei say hi to gong gong poh poh”! That's what on my mind.

It is always been my pleasure that I have the chance to be filial piety to both my good old dad and mom. I am lucky I have the chance to take care them and pamper them when I have the opportunity.

Happy Chinese New Year 2015! It's a happiest, blessed, and goat year! :)

Giving our blessings to Old Dad & Old Mom.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


好耐无用中文写blog, 有D唔惯,哈哈。


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yes! It's our first year giving blessing (Angpow)!

Many people tends to be very calculative (I would rather say stingy actually) in giving Angpow during this festive. But for me, money inside does not matter at all, most important is the blessing because the blessing counts! The value more or less does not turn yourself downgrade.

This year papa told me he changed more than RM5k for Chinese New Year Angpow. Okay now I know why some people had their tooth-ache when mention about Angpow. It is definitely not small amount, man. But I'm totally fine because papa made the call and he-is-the-boss. Hahaha! My only works is sitting there and helping him to tuck the notes into the packets and giving out! That's a very important task if you don't know, Hah!

Our Blood and Sweat Monies.
See this stacks? This is just 70% of Angpow that we are going to give away. With my body condition and it's already late night, papa asks to sleep first. Therefore picture of a 70% Angpow is now here. 30% will make when needed in few days time. Okay time for me and baobei for a good rest. Night!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 31st birthday, papa!

It's papa's birthday! But wait, look at my pale face? Yes I am having severe nausea. Changed cloths and prepared in the morning for work but end up requests papa send me to the clinic for a MC and some medicine.

Papa has been very nice to me as I am sick and not much in the mood. But he still paid all his effort to fetch me clinic and send me to my mom house for a rest. It's his birthday, I should not behave in this way! But hey no, I didn't want to. It's 2 months plus now and I'm so damn suffering. Papa said I can go back mom place and rest, and we will have a very small family members dinner at home tonight. Thought papa didnt say anything to me but, with much guilt in me, I wanted to say, Happy Birthday Papa, sorry for not giving you a good and energetic look today. I love you. :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Oh Hey! We are expecting a little miracle!

Yes! You did not get it wrong! Our Christmas present came a little early! We are indeed expecting a little miracle this sweet August! We are having our first baby! I am pregnant for 1 month 1 week(5weeks) now! Hopefully everything will be good for me! :) I'm writing with a blessed heart! Happy!

(well this is a post-written blog and i am glad to announce now!) :D

Friday, October 17, 2014

What a Friday.

I met an OCD child (I guess from her gesture and actions) at the bookstore during lunch time earlier. The bookstore officer displayed one book each model at the shelve near cashier, probly is to attract customer's impulse purchase when they paying bills la. This sweet little angel then helps to rearrange back all these books back to its original shelves at another area.

I didn't do anything but stood and watch the bookstore officer's reaction.

What a Friday. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014






刚收到一个comment关于年前写blog即,blog友联络讲多得我介绍即铁打,好左好多。(^^)突然间blog feel涌住甘来!

哇原来无心即blog竟然可以帮到人!好开心!(唔怪得朋友甘中意写blog啦,而andrew papa又甘中意系fb share埋甘多资讯!)


放心mao blog朋友,我一有时间会补翻啦~


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

习惯的惯 It's becoming part of my life

Ten years. It's been almost ten years or more, probably going eleven. I have already stop counting on the days.

Sometimes I do believe in equality and well-balance in every living. God given you something pretty and unique, but God will make sure there you pay for it. Well, you don't get things for free, every single thing in this world has an in-out kind of transaction way, you have this, you will lose that; you have an apple, fine, berries got to be in another's hand. Nothing comes in perfectly complete, just as human being, none has no total perfection.

I have fair and beautiful skin looking, but I have serious skin allergy, which stranger sees and screams when they first see me.

This allergy triggers by almost every single thing. Every thing as in no matter what food, environment or things...seafood, wind, dirty or ashy, polluted air, nuts and triggers itself on my body nearly every night and wake up dawn time.

Now what's this stupid allergy that bothers me so much? People commonly called it hives. The hives' rash usually appears suddenly and can affect any area of skin, yes any part any area of my body skin. You could never imagine the pain that I suffer every single day. I am little lazy explaining, maybe you can see below for details,

Why don't I cure it? Hell no! For God sake of course I did try! I been trying several ways to ease the stupid rash, but unfortunately it couldn't, unless I take western medicine (yes I called the one western medicine, for Chinese we believe in traditional herbal medicine, and this is why we names it western and traditional eastern medicine). One of the way of treatment as below, which I don't take much as it makes me feel so much uncomfortable after consumed it,

Well, I do found some kind of Chinese herbal medicine effects and ease my pain. Biological name is C. Nutons, Chinese called it 优盾草. We planted it at my mum's house garden. Once every 1-2 months we will pluck and and boil for my herbal bath. And when the bush isn't grow that well (probably due rainfall or over heat sun), we will just pluck a few leaf and blend with green apples, then drink it. Oh another point to add, yes some says this C. Nutons blend with green apples could really cure cancer!

But again, remember I said things were never be in perfectly complete. I consume this C. Nutons, my allergy stop, my skin feels better, but the "cold" of the herbal will cause my backache and bone aching very seriously. That's partial reason I don't eat that often say weekly, I would probably dead half way sleeping due over aching bones hah!

Hmm, It's been two months after wed, I did not have any chance or time to stay at my home sweet mummy's home, which means yeah, I have stop consuming this herbal thing for 2 months long. My allergy skin becoming more and more serious as day goes by, until I have total fed up on the rash.

Last two days after bath,

Last week body, after work and back home, saw this...

And today morning,

Dear Lord, please cure and ease my rash and stop me from suffering day and night non stop. :'(

Monday, May 12, 2014







最喜欢在妈妈家的我,除了不喜欢老妈唠叨外,最喜欢卸下外面那层妆,在家里讲话不需用脑,不需担心得罪人,可以随意讲负气话来气老爸老妈,可以很原装的我每一刻都撒老爸老妈娇。可有时外头遇到大挫折都要打匾鼻子冲厉害,还要常对老爸老妈说我有几厉害几野蛮,为的就是要老爸老妈不用担心我 一人在外。当然一半是要面子,一半当然都和你一样,不想他们担心。可就因为依赖惯了,说话态度也嚣张无比,有时伤了他们心也不好意思说句对不起。




Lord says, nothing is impossible, believing it grants you power to your impossible. 😊✌️